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Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Fashion | Bicester Village

When people mention Bicester Village, I always imagine the scenic view, the aesthetically pleasing fairy lights, beautiful buildings and the pretty items you can buy at your favourite "designer" stores if you take your life savings along. Lucky for me I knew I'd wanted to go there for my birthday so I saved at the start of last year and went with whatever I had left when the time came. 

Sunday, 11 February 2018

Lifestyle | I met my Idol Victoria! - In the Frow

Happy New Year! I hope you are all embracing this year and have exciting things planned. Every year we make promises and goals to ourselves that this year will be better than the last. So good luck with whatever your hopes and dreams are this time round - You can do this! Wasn't January long!! It felt like 3 months not one, I was so glad when February rolled round so the year can begin. This year I plan on saying 'yes' more instead of hiding away and to be more adventurous. So I applied to win tickets to Google's Pixel Party hosted by none other than the lovely Victoria from In the Frow. Fortunately I was one of the lucky few that got the invite and grabbed my best heels ready to enjoy a rare night out with my best friend in a beautiful setting with stunning views over the city. The event was held at Marco Pierre White's Champagne Bar and was full of windows so you could enjoy the panoramic views from wherever you were standing overlooking the city centre. It was a very sophisticated and relaxed atmosphere with quite a few canap├ęs to choose from and pretty instagram-able drinks, a nail art station and Virtual Reality experience through the new Google Pixel 2 phone. Now that was an experience! There was also a chance to try out the new phone and see google's version of Alexa and also a Q&A / opportunity to say hello to Victoria too.

Sunday, 27 August 2017

Fashion | Hogwarts comes to Primark

Hey guys, currently eating pancakes and watching films whilst writing this and couldn't think of better way to enjoy a lazy Sunday night! Today's post is a must for the excited muggle inside you as every Harry Potter fan will be heading to a Primark store near them asap. They've just released a whole range of clothes, bags, jewellery, shoes, homeware and more. I headed to my local Primark to check out what was in store for us muggles and ended up buying quite a few things. I always find that stores have different stock and you can find some real gems if you in the right place at the right time. Literally. You have to purchase it the day you see it as you'll probably never set eyes on the item again if you don't. Anyway, lets get on with my Harry Potter haul.

There isn't a lot this time, but i'd rather buy things i'd use a lot rather than have them sit in the back of my wardrobe forever, waiting to be worn. First up is this supersoft, cosy, thin jumper that's supposed to be part of a pyjama set. I plan on wearing it with jeans or leggings for a comfy day. I love the Hogwarts castle on the front. It's very oversized, loose and sort of has a bat-wing style to it which is perfect for relaxing!
 Next up is the cosy dressing gown. Inside its warm and toasty and features house logo's including the Hogwarts crest and marauders map. This is perfect for lounging about in and has large pockets too which is handy for putting excess snacks and your phone in when you've run out of hands. I love the tags on all the items in this range as it adds a nice touch eg. H.Potter on the label, or the Hogwarts acceptance letter paper tag.
Last but not least is the cutest slippers in the form of Hedwig the Snowy Owl. How cute!! I saw them on the day of the Harry Potter launch in stores, but decided not to get them as i'd bought all the things above, socks and the bedcover. Yeah.. I kind of went on a bit of a shopping spree that day, oops. I've been looking out for them ever since and had doubts I'd never find them again. Someone must have been looking out for me as I returned the bedcover due to the colours not matching with the theme of my room and they appeared in the corner of the store, on the floor -the last pair.. in my size!! I just had to have them! How adorable are the mini wings and tail on them!? I love them so much, I think this may have been my favourite purchase of all three. What has been your favourite item from the Harry Potter range? Until next time.. 

Sunday, 20 August 2017

Lifestyle | Bedroom makeover

   Hello, hello! So I've been enjoying some well earned time off. It's been lovely to just sit, chill out for a while. I've also been busy giving my bedroom a complete makeover. It hasn't had a full re vamp since I started secondary school and that was a long time ago! So, I grabbed my laptop and started scrolling through Pinterest, google and Instagram finding as many pictures, colours and styles I liked. I knew I wanted it to be mature but very feminine and went for Kate Spade inspired colours - pink, white and gold. I had a set price for the renovations but also wanted to try and make use of the furniture I already had. I was lucky that most of my furniture was white so was able to keep the essentials like the wardrobe/chest of drawers and just added the bed and wooden flooring. Something to look out for, as this along with the bed frame and mattress can be expensive and will take up the majority of your budget. I also planned where things could go and if I would have room to add more furniture. I found floating shelves extremely useful as I have a lot of collectibles/snowglobes that I like to display and these are a perfect space saver. Before my room was dark, cluttered and felt tiny. Now its spacious, light, cosy and as minimalistic as I can get it.

Sunday, 9 July 2017

Walt Disney World | Magic Kingdom

  After years of dreaming about going to Disney - the park that completely stole my heart was the magical and all round dreamy Magic Kingdom. Magic, excitement and wonder fill the park along with an added soundtrack to your life for the next two weeks and plenty of places to explore. The happiest place on earth (well for me anyway) where you can go and just enjoy the moment. Magic Kingdom is by far my favourite park out of the four and is the best in my opinion. It's full of magic, princesses, the iconic castle and the excited child in me couldn't wait to explore. This is the first and the last park I went to on both arrival and departure. Streets full of colour, happiness, fantasy, balloons and photographers waiting to capture your first moments in the park as you make your way to the top of Main Street to view the most beautiful Cinderella castle. The three year old inside of me got a bit emotional at the fact that I was actually in the place I'd wanted to go for years. On Main Street, colour fills the space with a variety of shops, restaurants, and merchandise. Some of the displays in the shop windows actually moved and was set like scenes from memorable films throughout the years. Very original and brought the Disney magic to life that little bit more.